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Clear and Brilliant Laser in Miami, FL

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Everyone desires radiant, smooth skin, yet it is often difficult to achieve a red-carpet glow or erase sun damage with at-home skincare alone. Introducing Clear + Brilliant®, a technologically advanced laser resurfacing system that will leave your complexion bright, smooth, and ageless with no social downtime. At AM Beauty & Wellness, we strive to deliver the best Clear and Brilliant Laser Miami has to offer.

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Clear + Brilliant at AM Beauty & Wellness

Clear + Brilliant has won numerous awards, including “Best Laser for Glowy Skin” and “Most Worth It Non-Invasive Laser.” Yet, it is a relatively new technology that is not widely available. AM Beauty & Wellness is the only practice to carry Clear + Brilliant in Miami Beach South of Fifth.

New Beauty’s 13th Annual awards

Clear + Brilliant has been recognized with a 2023 NEWBEAUTY award as the 'Best low-downtime laser.' This laser treatment is known for its effectiveness and gentle approach in addressing concerns such as fine lines, large pores, uneven texture, and dullness. With minimal downtime, Clear + Brilliant offers an efficient solution for improving the skin's appearance.

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Clear + Brilliant
Clear + Brilliant

Cosmopolitan’s 2023 Holy Grail Beauty Awards

Clear + Brilliant offers a proactive method for skincare to prevent or address the initial indicators of aging. Employing fractional technology, it is crafted for diverse skin types and ensures minimal downtime, catering to individuals with hectic and dynamic routines. Clear + Brilliant aids in combating early signs of aging, preserving a youthful complexion by enhancing skin elasticity, tone, texture, and radiance, while also assisting in minimizing the visibility of pores.

New Beauty’s annual beauty awards

Clear + Brilliant received recognition as the 'Best Laser for Beginners' in the 2021 NEWBEAUTY awards. This treatment is ideal for preventing and addressing early signs of aging, gently minimizing pores, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.

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Clear + Brilliant
Clear + Brilliant

InStyle’s best beauty buys in 2021

Clear + Brilliant has been honored with the title of 'Best Treatment in your 20s.' This recognition stems from its reputation as a quick and straightforward fractional laser treatment that involves minimal to no downtime.

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What is Clear and Brilliant?

Clear + Brilliant is a non-ablative fractional diode laser featuring dual wavelengths and a patented Intelligent Optical Tracking system that guarantees consistent, uniform results. This advanced laser resurfacing platform creates thousands of microscopic wounds in the upper skin layers, which healthy tissue ultimately replaces.

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What can Clear and Brilliant Laser do for me?

Clear and Brilliant Laser is ideal for minimizing sun damage, acne scars, dullness, and rough texture. It also improves firmness, achieving a luminous complexion that looks brilliantly ageless. As a non-invasive procedure, there is no pain, needles, or anesthesia to worry about. Best of all, there is no social downtime, so our Miami Clear and Brilliant Laser patients can get back to doing what they love soon after.

Clear + Brilliant is backed by over a decade of research and more than 15 clinical studies proving its efficacy. The results are simply incomparable, but you must be consistent to attain flawless skin. The good news is it is suitable for all skin tones as it is one of the gentlest lasers on the market.

Am I a candidate for Clear + Brilliant?

Anyone with skin laxity, dullness, sun damage, or acne scars may be a candidate for Clear + Brilliant so long as they are not pregnant or breastfeeding and have healthy skin at the treatment site. This treatment works beautifully on all Fitzpatrick skin types.

Consultation and Preparation

The process starts with your private consultation at AM Beauty & Wellness to determine if the treatment is the right fit for your needs. Dr. Martin will examine your skin, ask what you hope to accomplish, and create a bespoke treatment plan centered on your unique needs. If you and he decide that Clear and Brilliant Laser is the next step, he may ask you to avoid waxing, tanning, and aggressive skincare before your first session.

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Clear and Brilliant Laser Procedure

Our Miami Clear and Brilliant Laser patients can expect a painless affair during their treatment sessions. Dr. Martin performs the procedure himself. A treatment lasts 15 to 20 minutes on average. The session starts with optional topical anesthetic cream for ultimate comfort. Next, he will gently guide the handpiece over your skin, focusing on your areas of concern.

Clear and Brilliant Laser Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Laser resurfacing often comes with downtime, but that is not the case with Clear + Brilliant. You can return to your usual activities immediately afterward, whether returning to work, heading to lunch, or hitting the gym. Redness, flaking, and swelling are easily masked by makeup and a quality moisturizer. These effects generally fade in less than a week.

This treatment results in a vivacious glow and younger-looking, smooth skin starting a week or two post-treatment. Practice sun safety and treat your skin kindly for a lasting outcome. A series of four to six sessions delivers optimal results.

Clear & Brilliant Laser


Single Session | $900

Package of 3 | $2550


Save $150 when purchasing a package of 3

Package of 4 | $3180


Save $420 when purchasing a package of 4

Package of 5 | $3750


Save $750 when purchasing a package of 5

The Perfect Compliment

Have you discovered the incredible benefits of CO2 Lift Pro? This revolutionary carboxy skin treatment is the perfect compliment to your Microneedling or Clear + Brilliant laser procedures, providing a transformative experience akin to a hyperbaric chamber for your face!

CO2 Lift Pro presents medical-grade carboxy therapy designed for treatments across face, body, and intimate wellness. It's a topical, painless, and effective solution!

Supported by a peer-reviewed study, this treatment has demonstrated remarkable anti-aging benefits:

  • 39% increase in luminosity
  • 42% increase in radiance
  • 30% reduction in sagging
  • 27% improvement in pigmentation
  • 24% reduction in lines and 20% in wrinkles
  • Elasticity increased by 26% at week 4 and 28% at week 10

These outcomes were achieved using CO2 Lift Pro alone, without additional modalities.

The recommended treatment protocol involves 3 treatments in the first week, followed by 1 treatment weekly, and a maintenance treatment at week 7. For accelerated results, practitioners suggest one treatment per week for three weeks, followed by monthly maintenance.

Experience the science-based benefits:

  • 117% increased hydration
  • 26% increased elasticity
  • Lift, tighten, hydrate, brighten
  • No pain or downtime
  • Immediate results
  • Pretreat while numbing for other aesthetic treatments
  • At-home intimate treatment

Discover the versatility of incorporating CO2 Lift Pro with other in-office procedures, such as our Microneedling with PRF or any of our laser-based treatments.

Elevate your skin rejuvenation journey with the scientifically backed approach of CO2 Lift Pro!

Why AM Beauty & Wellness?

At AM Beauty & Wellness, you can expect a personally curated treatment plan designed to make your skin goals a reality. Whether it’s reversing years of sun damage, accentuating your facial features, or enhancing muscle tone with HIFEM technology that you are interested in, Dr. Martin and his elite staff have the tools and expertise to deliver results you can see and feel.

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Clear and Brilliant Laser Frequently Asked Questions

After topical numbing cream application, there is virtually no discomfort.

This treatment is safe for all skin tones. Some redness, swelling, and flaking may result, though these effects are minor and generally subside within a week.

Clear and Brilliant Laser has zero downtime, and you can return to your normal activities right away.

The cost of Clear and Brilliant Laser in Miami Beach depends upon the number of sessions and whether other procedures accompany it.

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