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Stress Relief Treatment in Miami, FL

True Relaxation

Stress Relief in Miami at AM Beauty & Wellness

While no two individuals live the same life, we are all under the demand of our families’ well-being, professional careers, social relationships, pursuits of personal passions, or other areas of our lives that make us feel fulfilled. As a result, we all inevitably experience stress at one time or another. And though we most often associate stress with psychological symptoms, it can also take a significant toll on the body. Ironically, our physical response to ongoing stress can contribute to additional stress, creating a seemingly never ending cycle. 

AM Beauty & Wellness strives to deliver the best stress relief treatment Miami has to offer and takes a holistic approach to stress management with a combination of therapies designed to improve how your body responds to stressors as well as relieve unwanted symptoms.

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A Multi-Faceted Approach

What is Stress Relief Treatment?

Life is complex, and so is stress. Therefore, it makes sense to treat stress with a combination of therapies. As such, we use bio-botanicals, IV therapy, and a peptide-packed nootropic nasal spray. Together, these therapies can reduce your body’s adverse reactions to stress to enhance your functionality, sleep quality, and sense of well-being.

Freedom From Stress

What are the benefits of Stress Relief Therapy?

Stress induces the same response in our bodies as physical threats, stimulating the “fight or flight” mechanism that protects us from predators and putting the body in a state of peril. This response floods your body with hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones have widespread effects on your body, raising your heart rate, elevating your blood pressure, and affecting your immune, digestive, and reproductive systems. By reducing the stress response and related symptoms, you can achieve:

Gain Control

Am I a good candidate for Stress Relief Treatment?

Stress reduction is an excellent option for virtually every patient experiencing related symptoms. This includes patients with ongoing, long term conditions, as well as those experiencing a stressful life event. During your consultation, Dr. Martin will assess your condition to determine if you are a candidate for each of the therapies included in our stress relief treatment.

Synergistic Treatment

Your Stress Relief Treatment Procedure

Your stress relief treatment will consist of three synergistic therapies to deliver optimal relief from stress-induced symptoms. These include:

  • Bio-botanical supplements to improve the way the body responds to stress via the cortisol system.
  • Relaxation IV therapy with magnesium and l-theanine.
  • Nootropic nasal spray contains natural peptides to support optimal cognitive function, task completion, stress reduction, learning and memory, anxiety and depression, mental performance.
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Delivering Your Best Health

Schedule your Miami Stress Relief consultation with AM Beauty & Wellness today

Don’t let stress impair your ability to live your best life. Schedule your consultation with a board-certified physician to discuss stress relief treatment in Miami, and embrace every aspect of your life with enhanced wellness and vigor.

Your Easy Path Toward Relief

Stress Reduction Treatment Recovery

Stress relief treatment involves no downtime or recovery, so you will not have to interrupt your life in order to live better.

Live Better

Stress Reduction Treatment Results

You will notice a difference in your stress-related symptoms almost immediately after your treatment. For our Miami stress relief patients with chronic stress, ongoing treatment can help to mitigate stress indefinitely.

Cost of Stress Reduction Treatment

Pricing and Exclusive Memberships

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Stress Reduction TreatmentFrequently Asked Questions

While some patients receive IV therapy on an as-needed basis, others include it as part of an ongoing wellness regimen. During your consultation, Dr. Martin will ask you questions about your stress, health, and lifestyle to recommend the best option for you.

IV therapy involves a single injection into your arm, just like any other IV treatment. Any discomfort you experience will be momentary. One of the biggest benefits of IV therapy for stress is that you will feel the effects right away, possibly even before your session is complete.

Side effects associated with these therapies are minimal. The supplements included in our treatment may cause mild upset stomach, nausea, or drowsiness. Nootropic nasal spray may occasionally cause headaches or nosebleeds. The most common side effects of IV therapy for stress include inflammation at the injection site and mild lightheadedness immediately after treatment.

The duration of your treatment will depend on how long stress is affecting your well-being. As long as you are experiencing symptoms, stress reduction treatment will help to reduce your body’s response to stress.

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