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Weight Management in Miami, FL

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Lose Weight-for Men & Women with Weight Management in Miami at AM Beauty & Wellness Studio

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that 69 percent of American adults are overweight or obese, which can cause a wide range of health problems. Adopting a healthy lifestyle to stay at the right weight gives you more energy and makes you less likely to get sick. Diet and exercise will always be essential to any plan to lose weight or keep it off. At AM Beauty & Wellness, Dr. Martin and the team strive to deliver the best weight management Miami has to offer and would love to help you regain control over your quality of life.

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Personalized Plans

What are the benefits of medically supported weight loss?

Many people try to lose weight on their own but fail. Weight management programs that doctors oversee give people the tools and help they need to lose weight and keep it off—using lifestyle habits that make sense and getting up-to-date medical advice and guidance is a winning combination. Many tools and methods are used to help people lose weight with medical support. Many people get great results by making changes to their lives. Learn more by scheduling your weight management consultation today.

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Your Key to Weight Management Success

A good coach offers the discipline and oversight to help you reach your goals. At Am Beauty & Wellness Studio, the key to your success also includes the skill and expertise of Dr. Martin. You will first have a consultation to determine your weight loss or weight management needs. Then, like a coach, Dr. Martin will look over your health and lifestyle details to devise a unique, preventative plan to help you lose weight or bulk up—depending on your body needs. Body weight and composition will be independently assessed as part of this evaluation. Doctor Martin may also suggest a full blood panel to check for hormonal imbalances influencing your weight.

Aside from that, he will inquire about your nutrition history. Expect more than a one-and-done approach. Scheduled check-ins will allow us to keep tabs on how you're doing and provide you with any further resources you may need.

Rapid Weight Loss


Medications like Semaglutide (Ozempic, Trulicity), Vyvanse, and Contrave help people lose weight and can benefit many people. Dr. Martin knows and has been trained in all of the available FDA-approved weight loss treatments. If it makes sense, Dr. Martin may add prescription weight management medications to your overall plan for managing your weight.

Medically Supervised

Fat-burning Injections

At AM Beauty & Wellness Studio, our weight management therapy uses fat-burning injections called lipotropics to reset your body's metabolism and retrain it to get rid of fat quickly. With a daily dose of these self-administered injections, you will have less appetite, more energy, and a better sense of well-being because endorphins and serotonin will be released. With the help of Dr. Martin and a healthy diet and exercise plan, you can lose weight quickly without losing any lean muscle. As you reach your weight loss goal, we'll help you devise a plan to keep the weight off, so you don't gain it back.

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Gain New Confidence

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Taking care of your weight is an integral part of keeping and improving your health, happiness, and productivity. But for many Americans, the work it takes to keep their weight in check is frustrating and stressful. As part of a whole-body approach to health care, Dr. Alonso Martin and the staff at AM Beauty & Wellness Studio in Miami, FL, know how important it is to manage weight well. They want to help you develop a complete, personalized, and results-focused plan for weight loss. You'll not only feel more energized, healthy, and confident but you'll also be helped along the way. Make an appointment for a consultation at AM Beauty Wellness Studio, and let's get started today!

Cost of Weight Management

Pricing and Exclusive Memberships

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Weight ManagementFrequently Asked Questions

The type and scope of your unique weight loss and weight management program will determine the costs. Your health and happiness depend on achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight, which also improves both the quality and duration of your life.

For our Miami weight management patients, your insurance may pay for all or part of your expenses if you have a condition related to your weight.

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The future looks brighter when you feel better. Dr. Alonso Martin and his team want to give you the joy of a longer, healthier life. Schedule your consultation today to learn how the right blend of anti-aging and nutrional intervention can help you improve your quality of life for years to come.

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