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Emtone in Miami, FL

Complex Concern. Simple Solution.

Emtone for Cellulite Treatment in Miami

Cellulite is a common yet complex concern affecting 90% of women sometime during their life. Because cellulite is the product of multiple combined factors, it is notoriously difficult to resolve. Fortunately, Emtone takes a multidisciplinary approach to cellulite to address multiple contributing factors with a single easy solution. With radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy, Emtone reduces fat, firms skin, and breaks up stored waste to smooth cellulite’s characteristic dimpling.

AM Beauty & Wellness is the premier Miami Emtone provider, taking a specialized and health-focused approach to aesthetics and wellness. Begin your journey with a board-certified physician, and look forward to beautifully smooth results.

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Tackle Cellulite From Every Angle

What is Emtone?

Emtone is BTL’s answer to cellulite, addressing the issue from multiple angles to support the best results possible. Cellulite is caused by the combination of skin laxity, stored metabolic waste, excess fat chambers, stiffened collagen fibers that tether the skin down, and decreased blood flow. Emtone simultaneously treats all of these conditions for smoother, firmer skin.

Targeted pressure energy breaks up metabolic waste and eliminates excess fluid, while radiofrequency energy reduces fat, tones skin, increases blood flow, and rejuvenates collagen fibers. These gentle yet effective energies allow patients to achieve stunning results without incisions or downtime.

Firm, Youthful, Dimple-Free Skin

What are the Benefits of Emtone?

AM Beauty & Wellness strives to deliver the best Emtone Miami has to offer. Emtone is safe and effective for treating cellulite in virtually all commonly affected areas of your body, including the buttocks, thighs, calves, stomach, and arms. Treatment is completely comfortable and non-invasive, requiring no preparation, numbing, or downtime. In contrast to other non-surgical cellulite treatments, Emtone addresses multiple contributing factors to produce superior results.

Restore Your Skin’s Youthful Texture.

Am I a Good Candidate for Emtone?

Emtone is an excellent treatment option for almost any patient with concerns about cellulite dimpling. Its gentle nature makes it accessible to patients of any age and skin type.

Just Minutes to Smoother, Firmer Skin

Your Emtone Procedure

Emtone treatment takes only a few minutes to administer and involves no preparation or anesthesia, making its convenience as attractive as its effectiveness. To begin your procedure, your board-certified physician will apply a conductive moisturizer to the targeted area or areas. Then, they will glide a handheld applicator over the area, delivering the combined radiofrequency and targeted pressure energies to underlying cellulite. Our Miami Emtone patients have said the sensation is similar to a hot stone massage. Each area typically takes 15 minutes or less to complete, and you will be free to return to your day immediately after your treatment.

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Realize Your Best Results With a Board-Certified Physician.

Schedule your Miami Emtone consultation with AM Beauty & Wellness today

The journey to your best results begins with a consultation with a board-certified physician. AM Beauty & Wellness specializes in Emtone in Miami and provides each patient with optimally individualized treatment designed to truly enhance her life.

No interruption. No restrictions.

Emtone Recovery

Recovery after Emtone could not be simpler, with no downtime or restrictions. You can return to all of your regular activities, including exercise, as soon as you leave our office. Some Emtone patients experience some mild redness right after treatment, but this typically resolves quickly.

See Yourself, Without Cellulite.

Emtone Results

You will begin to notice a difference in the appearance and texture of your skin within just a few weeks, with your results continuing to develop for about three months after your treatment. Emtone has been shown to deliver an incredible 93% reduction in visible cellulite, and in half the time of other treatments.

You don’t have to live with cellulite. With noticeably smoother skin, you can feel confident exposing your skin without dimpling that distracts from your body’s beautifully natural contours.

Cost of Emtone

A safe and effective treatment for cellulite reduction and skin tightening. Emtone is a comfortable and non-invasive, requiring no preparation, numbing, or downtime. Treat your buttocks, thighs, calves, stomach, and arms.

Single Session | $690

Package of 4 | $2640


Save $120 when purchasing a package of 4

Package of 6 | $3780


Save $360 when purchasing a package of 6

EmtoneFrequently Asked Questions

Cellulite is the result of stored fat and metabolic waste that presses against the skin. Fibrous bands that tether the skin down create dimples in the skin’s surface. By firming the skin, rejuvenating collagen fibers, and reducing excess fat and waste, you can reduce dimpling for smoother skin.

In the most basic sense, cellulite appears as a result of decreased collagen production and increased body fat. Loss of collagen causes the skin to become thinner and less elastic and underlying fibrous bands to become rigid.

Emtone is the easiest and most effective way to reduce or eliminate visible cellulite without surgery.

Treatment typically takes about 20 minutes in total, depending on the area. Most patients undergo a total of four weekly or twice-weekly treatments to achieve optimal results. During your consultation, we can help you design your personalized treatment plan based on your needs.

While you lie down comfortably, you will notice some heat along with intense mechanical vibrations. Most patients compare Emtone to the feeling of a hot stone massage.

Some patients notice a difference after their first treatment. However, your results will continue to develop for several months after your last session.

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